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Learning has no age limits, Knowledge has no boundaries! Experiences are the best teachers, Experiments are eye openers! Horizon is that exciting journey which is limitless and has no boundaries! Join us in SCIENCE FEST HORIZON, and explore science with different perspective to get excited!
Curious minds of various kinds don’t mind to ask Why Then game of wonder begins and mind wants to Fly To resolve the mystery, new treasure hunt begins... Then doubts dissolve, Science evolves and discoveries Happen! 

International Science Fest Horizon: Live Science Lead Life

We at Smile Wellness foundation are working with passion of translating science for transforming minds through this unique program Horizon, Live Science Lead Life. Science has power to generate solutions for day to day life and enable us to explore and resolve the great mysteries of the universe. Science is one of the most important channels of knowledge. Science can solve specific problems, as well as social issues. Scientific literacy provides essential tools for surviving and coping up with in this fast changing world. The pandemic has reinforced the importance of scientific temperament in our lives, we truly need to gear up. Today, India is one of the youngest countries in the world with more than 62% of the population in the working age group (15-59 years) and more than 54% of the total population below 25 years of age. Fourth industrial revolution underway. We must capitalize on our demographic dividend, educate and skill our youth. We need to empower and encourage students at young age to ride this revolution to make our unique mark in the world of science. It is said that genetics is 99% environment and 1% genes. So in this cutting edge technology it’s important to create environment which is conducive to child’s progress. For kindling the spark of curiosity in students we need to expose children to scientific environment, science projects, and hands on training in their formative age. Let the children experience something innovative and expand their horizon of scientific temperament and skills.

Horizon: International Science Fest Feb.2022

Competitions: Languages for participations English/ Hindi/ Marathi

1. Essay Writing (500 words)- (Arial/Times new Roman 12, Single Space)

2. Drawing-(One Page)- (Sketch Book, 21cmX15cm)

3. Audio (2-3 min)

4. Video (2-3min) - "Upload on YouTube and Share the link) My Dream of Science Invention/Innovation"

5. Project presentation video(3-5min)( Physics/ Chemistry/Biology/ Computer /Environment)

"My Dream of Science Invention/Innovation"

"The best science fair projects are not always complex, but imaginative and well executed."

Features of a Good Project

a. Out of Box solution to a problem

b. New approach/ methodology to an existing solution

c. An innovation with entrepreneurial possibilities

How you can start?

a. Look around you and think of a problem.

b. What do you want to understand/change?

c. How can you research this topic?

d. Find a solution to the problem

Develop a Project Plan

a. What – state the problem statement / variables

b. Why – Importance of the project

c. How – Planning to find a solution

d. When – time frame of the work

Conduct your scientific investigation by considering if there are any ethical issues.